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Electrical Services

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced managers, as well as talented electrical engineers, many of whom have worked in their respective fields for many years. To enhance our ability to handle complex technical topics. The majority of our engineers are Complex certified professionals who have demonstrated their ability to work safely in potentially hazardous conditions in order to get their certification. This partnership ensures that all our documentation is not only technically accurate but also clearly articulated, aiding our clients and partners in better understanding intricate subjects.
Our specialty and pride are professional know-how and expertise at a very high level.
Exactly What We're Able to Do
  • The main switchboards, motor control centers, switchgears, ACB, VFD and UPS.
  • Installation, maintenance, trouble-shooting, repair, overhaul and replacement of electrical equipment, Testing and system commissioning.
  • Breakers, meters, and relays are checked for accuracy, and both primary and secondary current injection tests are done.Trouble-Shooting and Servicing the AVR, generators auto-synchronization and load sharing.
  • Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) integration work, equipment installation, cable laying, termination and system commissioning.
  • All repairs and services on power-generating, power-distribution and electrical equipment.