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Rotating Machinery Services

Our workshop has all the tools it needs to quickly fix equipment with rotating parts. We meet the standards for service set by ISO 9001, ISO 45001
Exactly What We're Able to Do
  • ¬†Overhaul and rewind large AC & DC motors and generators
  • Dynamic balancing of rotors and impellers Repair machining for motors and generators, focusing on the shaft journal and white metal bearings.
  • Correcting and analyzing vibrations on the spot with a laser alignment device
  • General fabrication and machining, as well as other auxiliary services, are provided for use with rotating machines

Maintenance and Repairs

Alternators - 1500KVA up to 15 MVA

Alt1: Electrical Static Maintenance

1.Check Connections
2.Generator and motor Visual Inspection
3.Visual Inspection of Windings
4.Check terminal box condition
5.Insulation resistance measurement

Alt2: Mechanical Maintenance

1.Opening of DE & NDE Bearings
2.Labyrinth seal control
3.Control of shell bearing conditions and seat bearing

Alt3: Dynamic Maintenance

1.Vibration level measurement and analysis
2.Check of accessible temperatures
3.Check of accessible electrical parameters and excitation Current

Alt4: Major Overhaul

1.Alternator disassembly
2.Cleaning and Drying of the disassembled parts
3.Check of the mechanical and electrical parts
4.Generator reassembly
5.Control at reception and electrical check